What is CCaaS?

So what is CCaaS?

CCaaS stands for ‘Contact Centre as a Service’ and is defined by call centre software that is hosted (or built natively) in the cloud instead of hosted on-premises. CCaaS providers maintain and develop the software (“as a service”), which allows call centres to focus on using the software to provide better customer experiences.

The primary purpose of CCaaS software is intelligently routing contacts from all communication channels, sometimes referred to as “skills-based routing”, to the best place to achieve resolution whilst being able to monitor, record and analyse the result.

CCaaS vs. UCaaS – What’s the difference?

UCaaS solutions often work in place of plain old telephone service (POTS), offering voice service as well as video, conferencing, and similar solutions. CCaaS solutions, meanwhile, work well with newer forms of communication like social media.

What are the advantages?

Early adopters of cloud contact centre software were small and medium-sized companies that were less invested in on-premises infrastructure and weren’t locked into multi-year contracts. Increasingly, companies of all sizes are realising that the cloud offers significant redundancy and uptime improvements as well as the ability to integrate with other core contact centre systems like CRM.

Easier access for employees, a single platform to capture all data for analysis, and off-site Cloud based – no big on-site servers needed. Also, with an awareness of the solution, increasing companies are now evolving to specialise in this area offering faster product innovation and fixes, unlimited storage of gathered data, and all as a managed service.

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