What is UCaaS?

So what is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service is the acronym defined, but what does it mean?

UCaaS solutions often work in place of plain old telephone services (POTS), offering voice service as well as video, conferencing, instant messaging, etc. It gathers up all of the communication requirements of the business and puts them into a single platform supporting a full, unified suite of cloud communication tools.

For a long time, a company’s electronic communications consisted of two main parts: phones and later, emails with the rise of the internet. These communication service giants worked and were contained in a single building or company – on-premise. The communication needs of today’s businesses have changed but this approach hasn’t and won’t necessarily disappear for some time due to certain security requirements in some industries.

At some point, communication channels increased and became more varied and the wider communicative sharing became, the more difficult it became to synchronise everything within a single company. The third giant – instant messaging – grew tremendously from the late 1990s onward. Since then, e-mail, calls, video conferencing, group chats, etc. have made it possible for everyone to communicate remotely with little centralisation so there was no ability to see, control, collect, and analyse everything in one place. So, there’s no way for managers to monitor and access interactions between company and client, or review trends and identify areas to improve.

UCaaS is everything in one place. One system to access that supports every communication channel used in a monitored and controlled environment.

VoIP vs. UCaaS: What’s the Difference?

Well, VOIP is just one part of the UCaaS solution, the ability to make or receive a call via a data network. VoIP is not a new technology and is not considered a high-risk way to manage your business calls. A vast majority of businesses switch to VoIP from traditional telephones unlocking massive cost savings, simpler contact centre management, and a host of reporting features.

Cloud hosted UCaaS ultimately brings all communications into a single system – voice, messaging, conference facilities and video, as well as monitoring and reporting. This means quicker deployment, simpler user interactions through a single dashboard, and allows companies to avoid or minimise up-front IT infrastructure costs.

Which one is better?

Well, just like new boots any solution implemented must fit! SMB requirements can be very different when compared to Enterprise, and budget and systems already in place can be an influencing factor.
Ultimately each business’s individual requirements and circumstances drive any decision.

Talk to someone who wants to understand your needs and the right solution will be implemented.