microwave wireless

Microwave Wireless

Radio manufacturers have recently developed Multi-band links but is this a game-changer for the industry and something to be excited?

What is UCaaS?

Unified Communications as a Service or UCaaS is the acronym defined, but what does it mean, what is the technology and how can it be used?

E-SIM Revolution

E-SIM is the new SIM card form with additional features added. The technology has been available in some sectors for the last two years and is now being adopted by all manufacturers.
women technology

Women in Technology

Women have contributed greatly to the evolution of science and technology throughout history although their involvement has on occasion been underplayed within the industry.

What is CCaaS?

CCaaS stands for Contact Centre as a Service and is defined by call centre software that is hosted (or built natively), but how and where can it be used?

5G - Fast, faster and really fast

5G is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity. It’s faster, more reliable and will inspire an entirely new selection of mobile data solutions.
Contract terms

Contract terms

There seems to be a general acceptance within the telecoms industry that the best course of action is to try to tie your customers into the longest contract term possible.

Supplier selection across the UK

We have the largest selection of carriers in the UK and will provide a fully customised quotation; based on the location of your sites.

Transparency for all your telecoms

The Opious team is here from the outset, giving you honest and unbiased opinions on all aspects of the telecommunications industry so that you chose the right products and services.

It's all about choice in the telecoms market

At Opious we give our customers access to a full range of services, so regardless of what your business needs, from connectivity to security, we always have something to cater for your taste.